Reliable, fast Wi-Fi with optional networks & tracking services

Managed Service
Low Cost, low yearly maintenance charges
Separate office & guest networks
Secure, set security levels to suit your environment
Managed in the Cloud
Track Usage

The proliferation of phones, tablets, and other mobile devices in the modern workplace necessitates a dependable, stable wireless infrastructure. We can assist you in establishing a transparent working environment across wired and wireless networks that meets the efficiency, protection, and reliability requirements for multimedia and mission-critical applications.

We can build secure wireless networks indoors or outdoors, in a variety of settings, including offices, hotels, factories, factory floors, hospitals, and schools, using the latest Wireless Access Points and Wireless LAN Controllers.

For new solutions, we include a complete wireless survey and design service, as well as a survey of current wireless implementations to identify issues.

Wherever you are

Guest Access

Do your customers require Wifi when they visit your office?, we will ensure they can connect to a reliable wifi signal that is separate from your own network to insure full security


Whether you require wifi in your offices, or manufacturing areas, or even on the golf course, we will complete an analysis of your site and make recommendations

Cloud Management

The Insightconxs service includes management via our cloud portal, so any changes required are completed remotely


Linking to your existing security policies we can adapt your wifi connection to keep your business network secure, this can include blocking certain sites or access

Dual band

The Insightconxs solution covers multi bands so that older devices and more modern devices are able to connect, automatically

Access to Experts

You will have access 24/7 to our wifi experts to support you and answer any questions you may have

Free Site Analysis

Call today for a free no obligation site survey to ascertain your current situation and what you require from your wifi network, from this we will prepare a report for your perusal.

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Structured Cabling

There is no network without wires. Even wireless and cellar technologies depend on wires in the end. The physical foundation of the digital transition is copper and fibre wiring.

From the smallest to the largest organisation, and across every industry, from healthcare to manufacturing, and from education to retail, wired and wireless infrastructures come in every shape and size to meet every networking need. The consistency of your wiring infrastructure is more important than ever these days.

Outsource your cabling infrastructure projects to us, no matter how small or complex, and reap the benefits of a first-class, high-quality, checked, and certified installation that is always delivered on time and on budget.