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Broadband Super-highway

With an Insightconxs controlled connection, you can get easy and dependable Internet access for your head office and branch offices, as well as remote and home offices. Every Internet access requirement is thoroughly evaluated, and the best link type and capacity, as well as performance-optimized network equipment, are implemented.

Using our existing partnerships with UK national carriers and network operators, we ensure the most favourable pricing for you.

As experts in Business IT Solutions, we understand that your internet connection is the backbone of your organisation and must be Safe and Stable in order for your business to run smoothly.  With 24/7 monitoring and management we will take away the worry.

Our Connectivity Consultants will help you determine which solution is ideally suited to your unique business needs, not only now, but also in the future. We access the options and make a recommendation based on your requirements and budget.

variety of bandwidth options

Depending on your requirement you will have options on business grade connectivity such as ADSL, FTTP, FTTC and Fibre

network equipment

We will install and manage the optimum network hardware to insure you get the best speeds out of your connection


With access to all the top UK carriers, will will guarantee a good price

24/7 support

You can sit back and relax in the knowledge that we are monitoring your network 24/7 and will be completing upgrades while you sleep.

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All costs are dependant on Location, and may vary



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Structured Cabling

There is no network without wires. Even wireless and cellar technologies depend on wires in the end. The physical foundation of the digital transition is copper and fibre wiring.

From the smallest to the largest organisation, and across every industry, from healthcare to manufacturing, and from education to retail, wired and wireless infrastructures come in every shape and size to meet every networking need. The consistency of your wiring infrastructure is more important than ever these days.

Outsource your cabling infrastructure projects to us, no matter how small or complex, and reap the benefits of a first-class, high-quality, checked, and certified installation that is always delivered on time and on budget.

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