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Our comprehensive range of services cover every aspect of software, hardware, networks, cloud systems, monitoring, management, security, backups, VOIP and even structured cabling installations.

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IT & Desktop support

Our IT support packages are suitable for small business or bespoke projects working existing IT teams

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Cloud Computing

Businesses can use the cloud for much more than just remote storage; virtually any part of their computing and IT can be managed remotely on a secure network.

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Cloud based telephony

VoIP is a cost-effective, adaptable, solution for all types of companies, whether working from the office or home

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Fast, reliable WiFi

Fast, reliable Internet throughout your workspaces, monitored and managed by our team.

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Super fast Connectivity

With a choice of different circuits available to companies, we look at your usage and advise on a suitable options.

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Are you on the best tariff that suits your usage?, we are bale to conduct a tariff analysis and advise which tariff is the best suit for your needs

Door Entry

Intercom and door entry systems to manage who has access to your building

Microsoft Teams

We will help & advise on integrating Microsoft products into your business including Microsoft Teams

Structured Cabling

Fibre and copper structured cabling for construction and fit outs.

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Implementing Hybrid Working in 2021

The future of work will necessitate companies rethinking how they do business, reimagining office space, and managing new risks.

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Structured Cabling

There is no network without wires. Even wireless and cellar technologies depend on wires in the end. The physical foundation of the digital transition is copper and fibre wiring.

From the smallest to the largest organisation, and across every industry, from healthcare to manufacturing, and from education to retail, wired and wireless infrastructures come in every shape and size to meet every networking need. The consistency of your wiring infrastructure is more important than ever these days.

Outsource your cabling infrastructure projects to us, no matter how small or complex, and reap the benefits of a first-class, high-quality, checked, and certified installation that is always delivered on time and on budget.