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Returning to the Office

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We’re starting to see reasons for hope nearly a year after the Covid-19 pandemic shut down most offices. The number of people who have been vaccinated is increasing, and the number of new Covid cases is decreasing after peaking at the beginning of the year. By, summer, the majority of the working-age population should have been vaccinated.

Because of these encouraging signals, CEOs of all-remote companies are beginning to consider how and how often to get their employees back to the workplace, as well as how to better respond to concerns about policies and deadlines that their boards will soon ask.

They recognise that, in light of the events of the past year, more workers than ever before will operate remotely, and that technological investments are needed for tasks that can be completed more effectively this way.

Answers to other types of questions that only the CEO can answer because they’re more strategic and central to the organisation’s existence are less obvious, such as: How to manage assignments and decisions that are better completed face-to-face, despite the fact that many workers today claim to prefer working remotely? What would be the long-term effect on the division of labour culture? When do I make these decisions? When should I listen to whom and when should I not?

Leaders will hold off on defining a strategy or making final decisions until it is absolutely appropriate. Every day, we get closer to the end of the pandemic, but we’re not there yet. With so much uncertainty about the future, it’s critical to avoid taking actions that would either set unreasonable goals or limit your choices.

One main success factor for such major, life-changing decisions is to buy time to collect more information and keep choices open as long as possible.

One thing thats is becoming more and more apparent, that employing new technologies and the right partner, can ease this transition, and aid the future scope and landscape of any company,

Whether a complete back-to-work programme is instigated or a hybrid solution of hot-desking and home working is considered, security of the company data is of paramount importance along with of course the health and mental health of employees.

Many things need to be considered and consulted on for the future of the office, and when referring to the office, does not necessarily mean one location anymore.